Friday, 14 February 2014

Seaton Creative Communities press release February 2014

Artist spreads the love in Seaton

A large yellow heart has arrived in Seaton for Valentines Day.  The heart which is currently situated on School Road has been created by local people and is one of a number of temporary public art pieces created during the Creative Communities project in Seaton.  The heart is made out of chicken wire and plastic bags; it has been present throughout the projects workshops and events with those attending adding to it over the month.

Artist Monica Wisniewski has been working with the Seaton community to creatively present positive messages which have been displayed publicly for all to see.  Artworks produced have ranged from positive packets;  a small weather proof packet containing a decorative and inspirational message, these packets were left in bus shelters on King Street and School Road  for potential bus passengers to view, take away with them and hopefully make them smile.  The second week saw small wooden plaques appear by the totem pole, again adorned with thoughtful messages, one by one the plaques disappeared as they found their new homes, with some documented on social media under #seatonsmile.

“During this project we explored the emotions and connections we have in our day to day lives. In response we created positive art through colour, texture and text with many different materials, theses creations were then displayed publically to express more widely our positive messages.
The community really got on board with this project and the great messages of love about Seaton and each other were shared.”
Monica Wisniewski, artist

“It has been great to see the impact the positive messages have had on those involved in the project, from the ‘keep on going’ fabric strip on a tree from Seaton Schools primary 7s to ‘live life to the max’ and ‘Nae beattin’ Seaton’ engraved in wooden plaques  from the Recovery Group. The uplifting theme of the project has reflected in people’s behavior with workshops and events having an inspiring feel and participants leaving cheerful and optimistic.”
Margaret Stewart, community arts officer

Work created during the Seaton project will be showcased this Saturday 15 February at a pop up event at Woodside Fountain Community Centre, Marquis Road, 1 – 3 pm.
This event is also the launch of a new Creative Communities ceramic project in Woodside, a chance to come and play with clay and find out more about the forthcoming project with artist Kevin Andrew Morris.

For more information on this and other projects please check out:

Creative Communities is a programme of exciting and varied arts workshops and events for residents of all ages from Aberdeen’s regeneration areas, coordinated by the Creative Learning Team, Aberdeen City Council.  On offer are opportunities for residents to engage with high quality arts projects in an informal, friendly environment.  Projects will explore traditional as well as more experimental arts projects taking place from August 2013 – March 2014.  This project is funded by The Fairer Scotland Fund.

The Creative Learning Team is part of Aberdeen City Council, Education, Culture and Sport.  The Team works to improve outcomes for individuals and communities through the arts, culture and creativity.

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